What is Project Management ?

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Managing a project typically includes :

Identifying requirements,
Addressing the various needs, concerns, and expectations of the stakeholders
as the project is Planned and carried out, balancing the competing project
constraints including, but not limited to :
Scope, Quality , Schedule, Budget , Resources and Risk

PMP secrets part 3 - Final

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These are the final tips for taking the PMP exam.

It discusses further resources required to pass the PMP exam
Also it talks about what sections in the PMBOk we need to concentrate on

For more tips read on :

Project Management Prep Part 2

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In this continuation of PMP secrets prep part 2 we talk briefly about :

The importance of taking the PMP exam before June 30 2009 so as not
to get into the unfamiliar PMBOK edition 4

There are altogether 200 questions in PMP exam randomly mixed

There are 25 questions in the PMP exam not graded but no way
we will know which ones

To pass PMP you need to achieve 60% and that is 106 questions out of 200

We can retake PMP exam 3 times

See video for more tips:

PMP Exam Secrets part 1

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PMP exam requirements may be a bit confusing and quite complex to understand when fellow PMP candidates try to figure from PMI website.

I have put together a 4 part video that summarises all the requirements for PMP exam in a easy to understand format

Click below to watch the first video:

Project Management Fundamental Part 4

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This is a continuation from Part 3. It discusses in refined format what exactly is a project from PMBOK and PMI point of view.

To watch in details see video below :

Project Management Fundamental Part 3

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In part 3 , we are further introduced to the definition of project management.
Project Management begins with a clear definition of what a project is :

The success of a project depends on :

1.) A clear scope of the project description
2.) A good sponsor is necessary for the support of the project in terms of budget & a will to succeed in the project
3.)Finally a written approval from the senior management is necessary for the overall success of the project

Watch the video for more details:

Project Management Fundamental Part 2

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This is a continuation from part 1.

Where we further defined what is project is.
A project is basically a temporary assignment which has a timeline
to adhere to , to meet certain objectives within a constraint budget & resources.

Click video to see more :